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Logistics services

Long-term development of the Group’s trading and distribution operations in the regions of Central and Southeastern Europe and MENA region have served as a fertile ground for the development of our own logistics network, while maintaining logistics links with major ports in the world.

Through our logistics hubs in SEE and MENA region we provide our customers with:

  • Organization of delivery and dispatch of goods by road, rail, river, sea and overseas;
  • Storage and insurance of goods in own customs and warehouse facilities;
  • Transportation and shipping of goods through all common means;
  • Import and customs clearance of goods;
  • Monitoring and control of the flow of goods;
  • Insurance of goods.

Import, Logistics & Distribution

Through our global distribution network we import goods in the country and provide full range of logistic services for deliveries to our customers.

Your distribution operations are the strongest link in your supply chain of agricultural commodities. Leave it to our experts to adequately and timely manage the worldwide distribution of all commodities in our portfolio.

Our added distribution value is reflected in direct cooperation with local customers, making us a relevant partner to local partners such as food processors, wholesalers, and retailers. Because of our local presence and retail management we can purchase large volumes and sell them locally in smaller parcels, thus allowing our local partners to respond to their customers’ needs.

Our comprehensive distribution model comprises:

  • Extensive experience in international business;
  • Large customer base;
  • Excellent awareness of the local markets;
  • Flexibility of supplies of various grades and qualities;
  • A range of packaging from industrial to retail packaging;
  • In-depth knowledge of the commercial and customs laws and regulations on local markets;
  • Local storage capacities that ensure constant availability and immediate reaction to the market fluctuations.

Being one of the fastest-growing distribution networks in the world, we cover full logistics support from all origins to all distribution centers, as well as world market destinations, providing competitive freight rates handling services for large volumes of shipped goods, and the flexibility derived from a wide range of world destinations.