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Agribusiness in Motion

Our management team has successfully developed the organization from a sugar distributor in the 1990s into a leading agribusiness in South-Eastern Europe – a developing region that has continuously been facing complex market conditions.

The trading-distribution business model was developed through the systematic integration of steps along the supply chain – starting from the customer all the way up to the source, mainly in Brazil and Europe.

Through this bottom-up approach, our management team has always put an emphasis on building excellent client relationships while striving to provide a tailored customer experience. This formula has secured an excellent position in the countries we operate in. Today, our agribusiness is in full motion and has successfully established a presence in 14 countries through its own distribution and joint-venture companies.

By combining trading and distribution expertise proven by over 20 years of managing supply chains, and with an extensive list of satisfied clients both from Europe and MENA Region.

The company is headquartered in Dubai, UAE.